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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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My memories are of my mom n her mother who are responsible for my sparkle. As a child, I learned from them to create my their ever creative cooking, crochet, n needlework. My gram was the very first to show me how to crochet the right way. I love to sew, learning on a treadle machine, n to cook creatively. I share this with my gdaughter who is now studying to be an interior designer n my quilting sisters because I think out side the box. It's not what it is but how can it be use so I've been told that I shine n glitter.

Oh to sparkle with the help of my step-grandmother Gert. She was my grandmother on my dad's side for my real grandmother I never meet and she died when dad was only 23. Gert made me sparkle she taught me how to knit my very first experience with a craft I would do the rest of my life. Oh how special she made me feel and how she took care of me. Mom had to go to the hospital for surgury and I was staying with Gert, to say the least I worked myself up so bad I got sick and not a ill word was had when she had to clean up her kiTchen so not only did I learn to Knit from Gert but I learned kindness and compassion.

Don't just looove sparkles, glitz, little lights, and great feeling fabric.

Definitely am 'sparkly' from the many crafting sessions with a 7 year old granddaughter who loves glitter as much as I do! I get to continue to live childhood over again with her help! (My mother was a great crafter - she was always into something for us and for her Brownie pack)

Is "instigating" a type of sparkling? LOL! That's what I was told a lot as a child. It does translate into one of the things I love doing now....showing/teaching others the crafts I love! I "instigate" a lot of crafting. Hee, hee.
Love your nursery school report card, I've never seen one before.

I can remember a time in first grade when we had to choose what we wanted to be when we grew up, then draw a picture which was to be hung in the classroom for parents open house. Wanting to be different from everyone else, I chose "maid". Well my mom got the biggest laugh from that - an apparently so did everyone else that night! She still chuckles today at the memory!

Thanks sew much for the chance to win your generous giveaway!

The memories - what fun! As a young child, I was lucky enoug to spend a couple of weeks most summers with my grandma and grandpa on their farm. We were the youngest grandchildren and lived several hours away, so we kind of got "special treatment". There weren't any kids around for us to play with, so grandpa and grandma entertained us. I remember learning to crochet, embroider and even tat with grandma. They were times I loved. I have enjoyed needlework of all kinds since my childhood and have gone from sewing my clothes, to sewing my children's clothes, to my current passion, quilting. I often remember how it all started - how grandma made me sparkle!

oh, should add that i am indeed sparkly as ever since every inch of my house including my underwear has a light dusting of glitter. (not intentional it's the downside to my almost two-month holiday glitter festival.) yes the ever-crafty one GLITTERS everything. i am indeed sparkling in ways in never imagined.

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